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The White Bison Association

Our Mission is to unify all sacred traditions for the world and provide a sanctuary for the White Bison Herd.

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The White Bison Association, SWPC 501C3

Bison History

Big Momma gave birth to Miracle Moon, the first white bison of the herd, on April 30, 1997 in Wyoming. Miracle Moon and Willy Wonka (a brown bull) had an all-white female baby named Rainbow Spirit. The owners had DNA testing for Momma, Miracle, Willie Wonka, and Rainbow. They moved to South Dakota in 2000 where Miracle Moon gave birth to the second white female bison named Mandela Peace Pilgrim. The owners had a longing to move the Herd to Arizona and called on Cynthia and others to help with fundraising and through that effort the herd was moved outside of Flagstaff on to Spirit Mountain Ranch. The owners observed how comfortable the relationship was between Cynthia, Charles and the bison and he asked them to become the next caretakers.

On July 1, 2002, Miracle Moon and Willy Wonka gave birth to the first white male named Arizona Spirit. Several other white and brown bison were born. The current owner spoke to Cynthia and Charles about the future of the herd and asked them if they would become the guardians of the White Bison. He also expressed his desire to bring the Herd to his home state of Oregon where he felt they would have access to more abundant grasslands and water. In 2015 the Bison were moved from Oregon to Upper Lake, California and then again to their wonderful home in Athens County, Ohio where they flourish today with Cynthia and Charles.

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The White Bison

Protecting The White Bison Herd

We have been protecting the White Bison since 2002 to provide them a sanctuary where it is peaceful, safe, and quiet. In the past the Bison were on display in The Grand Canyon. Crowds caused them nervousness and the herd became very protective of each other. We have provided them with peace and privacy from dangerous predators, and poachers. Currently we are closed to the public. Once the Pandemic is no longer an issue, we will do
tours upon appointment. When you tour you will be with one of our
expert caretakers which will allow you to view the Bison in a safe and
informed manner. It is important to respect the Bison and their space.


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