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LifeSaverAppTM is the premier online medical record, personal health record, that provides immediate access for  emergency responders using a QR code on a smart phone or laptop PC. When the  patient is transported to the hospital, emergency room physicians can access the  complete medical report which includes medication history, diagnosed conditions,  latest test results, allergies, emerge

Dr. Gabriel Cousens-tEACHER

 Dr. Gabriel Cousens Webinar - How to Cure Diabetes Naturally - Hosted by 

Willie Whitefeather, Cherokee

 Video Visions of Hope People’s Choice Award Sedona International Film Festival 2006


EBTV presents Earth Changes on In this episode special guest Willy Whitefeather explains the Hopi Prophecy Rock, the last cycle of the Mayan Calendar and the connects more synchronistic events to the Earth Changes taking place on the planet.